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Justifying "Consciousness"

The energy equation E=mc2 was originally developed from Newton's laws and the theory of relativity. Later when quantum theory was introduced in the 1920s, a new quadratic equation emerged:  E2= p2c2+ m2c4

If we remove p2c2 (energy stored in movement), which is much smaller than m2c4 (the inherent energy in matter) we get two simple solutions of the equation, one giving positive energy,  and one giving negative energy. This tells us that quantum mechanics predicts that negative energy exists and is real. Other predictions from quantum mechanics have never failed.

One of the leading mathematicians of that time, the Italian Luigi Fantappiè, found in 1941 that negative energy has qualities that are special for "life". Negative energy increases order (entropy is decreased or 'syntropy' is increased) with time while positive energy decreases order with time (entropy is increased). The driving force of a process driven by negative energy lies in the future, all forms of life strive to make a better day tomorrow. Life tries to improve the circumstances in some way. The driving force is the prospect of a better future. The cause of the activity lies in the future. The cause of an event driven by positive energy lies in the past. Matter is moving according to a kick before it starts moving.

What is special for life compared to matter is that life has consciousness. A normal definition of "consciousness" is a wake and self-conscious state of mind. I would rather define consciousness as the the mental capacity of sensing and acting. We know that both sensing and actions can be subliminal/unconscious. This kind of consciousness is not  necessarily self-conscious. A subliminal part of our mind makes a decision before the self-conscious part of us becomes aware of it.  This kind of consciousness is also present in dreams and deep sleep. This mental capacity can be based on some nonphysical (mind-) stuff having negative energy, attached to all forms of "life" in order to provide "life" capacity to dead matter. All living beings have this kind of consciousness, - more or less. With this new definition of consciousness, we can conclude that consciousness is based on negative energy. With this definition we can also say that all nature is conscious. Our encounter with nature is an encounter between different chunks of consciousness and psychology, just as that is the case in a group of people. One of our most profound needs is to have encounters with other living beings, - humans, animals and plants.

You can download a paper offering a deeper analysis. You can find scientific articles showing how the "nonphysical (mind-) stuff" can be a kind of matter described by physics. Look at Homepage.

Justifying "E=mc2"

The energy equation E=mc2 was published by several persons including the Englishman Oliver Heaviside in 1890 in his Electromagnetic Theory, vol. 3, the Frenchman Henri Poincare´ in 1900, and the Italian Olinto De Pretto in 1903 in the scientific journal “Atti” and registered at the “Regio Istituto di Scienza.” The equation was not solved for different frames of reference until Einstein launched his special theory of relativity and a following article in 1905 where he developed the energy equation.